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Mother Hen Eggs started off in 2017 when I was 16 years old and in comprehensive school doing my A levels, studying Business Studies, Applied Science, ICT and Welsh Bac. In the meantime on a Sunday  I went around knocking door to door asking my neighbours if they'd like fresh free range eggs and this was the start of this eggciting adventure, selling my first dozen eggs. In the summer we started offering free delivery to clients which took off like a rocket. Due to this I decided to drop out of Year 13 to pursue my love of business and farming. Since then I've never once looked back and what started out as a small hustle to earn a bit of pocket money turned to a business which has grown year on year.


Mother Hen Eggs Owner


Our aim at Mother Hen Eggs is not to be like any other egg company but to show our clients how eggs should really taste and look with bright golden yolks. This is why we offer free delivery to make sure you receive your farm fresh free range eggs within a few days of them being laid instead of them being sat on the shelf for a few weeks in a supermarket.


Mother Hen Eggs exclusively sells farm fresh free range eggs. The hens roam freely within the fields and go anywhere their little legs can take them. This plus the extra enrichment, from digging for bugs in the earth to the sandpits creates a happy hen and a wonderfully tasting egg.



Mother Hen Eggs believes in supporting young people now and in the future this is why we've teamed up with Business Commitment Cardiff. The way we continually support young people is by offering job opportunities and never over looking them.

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